Purple White

Retail Trade & Arts / Culture Magazine

Greetings, esteemed friends.
We are pleased to salute you with the 6th issue of Purple White, which is also the first issue we have published in 2015 .

We are very grateful to our dear writers and readers for always standing by our side during our venture for this magazine, and the entire Purple White team who have endeavored to put Purple White together.

Many changes were introduced to Purple White since last year. We did our best to make the contents of this issue even richer and broader than the previous ones. We are proud to present to you the first issue of 2015 in a brand new form in which the sections that brought positive feedback are preserved and new pieces that will entertain you are added.

Purple White was not the only thing to change and develop within the last 3 months. MOBSIZE also progressed by going through many changes. We continue to hold customer satisfaction as our foremost principle with a professional and minimalist approach, an unwavering, enriching and innovative vision towards all details of the spaces that contribute to your experiences and ergonomic, aesthetic values. The goal of MOBSIZE has always been offering solutions that are in sync with the expectations of our customers and their projects in every part of the world through our team which comprises of creative individuals who are well-aware of the concept of branding and the way to project it onto their work. The degree of our success is reflected on the fact that we worked with over 100 brands within the nearly 4-year period that began with the foundation of MOBSIZE and the continuity of this trend. We take care to balance the artistic aspect of architecture with its aspect regarding technical services by maintaining the view that an innovative and inquisitive approach can transform contemporary architectural knowledge into a good product of architecture, being aware that each project has unique characteristics and avoiding overdecoration.

Dear Purple White readers,
In the 6th issue of our magazine, we visited Samet Aybaba who has worked as the coach of many football teams, notably BJK. With the help of our traveler, we deigned upon the Viking culture in our journey to the Scandinavian countries. In the section of Art and Culture, which is one of the new additions to the magazine, we had a short tour in Istanbul Design Biennial through the eyes of our esteemed reader, Seray Şahinler Demir. Our orbit explorer Tolga Günay prepared a piece featuring the history of Harrier Jump Jets and other information regarding these planes. In addition to these, our magazine also includes the lesser known facts about Ferrari in the section “Box of Pandora” as well as the adorable pangolins from the animal kingdom.

Hope that you will enjoy the new Purple White as much as we did during its preparation and see you in our next issue.