Purple White

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Esteemed Friends,
I greet you again with the new issue of Purple White.

As the MOBSIZE company, we continue to progress, improve and give our best efforts to provide the best services for our customers by means of its innovative, integrated production approach which respects people, nature and the environment and presents top designs for the future.

In cooperation with Şafak Boya ve Cilacılık, we have obtained a fully automated lacquer and varnish machine which is very rare in Turkey. Our aim is to do more work in less time and add to our strength by expanding our field of manufacture.

MOBSIZE, the company that has successfully served its customers in the field of furniture decoration, will now be providing new services as well. By way of all the information, experience and knowledge we have gained and the infrastructure we have built, we have decided not to settle for furniture decoration alone and will now be rendering services in the fields of fine construction work, steel construction, plasterboard, paint, flooring and electrical and mechanical installations under the roof of MOBSIZE İnşaat (MOBSIZE Construction).

We will be receiving our certificate of warranty at the second half of January in order to expand our area of services and will continue to advance in pursuit of this aim. Through such certificates and developments, we will diversify our work on a wider level.

My Friends,
Our new issue contains many topics that will interest you. Yavuz Kocaömer, the founder of TESYEV (Foundation of Sports, Aid and Training for the Disabled in Turkey) received us for an interview. We are very delighted to share our pleasant chat with Mr. Kocaömer. In addition to this, you will witness the tree wars and have the opportunity to view through the window of art and the artist in the next pages. Our traveler will take you to the magical streets of Mardin and our flavor hunter will introduce you to the delights caught in his web. Enjoy it.

See you again in our next issue.

Managing Partner/General Director