Purple White

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Dear Friends,
I greet you with the 3rd issue of Purple White and the excitement it brings.

As the MOBSIZE family, we take our inspiration from innovations that shape the future and have adopted an innovative, fast and flexible service approach in our work. We professionally continue to provide products with decorative form through the efforts of our engineers, architecture team and craftsmen. During the period we were apart, we completed the turnkey delivery construction work for Akasya AVM, MUDO SATIŞ MAĞAZALARI A.Ş. via MOBSIZE İnşaat (construction), and the new member of our group of companies. Today, we have documented the fact that MOBSIZE is not a company with simply commercial interests by being awarded a SA-8000 certificate. This certificate represents the fact that our company is one with social awareness of its responsibilities towards its employees, customers, the future and the world we live in. In addition, the FSC COC and 150 14001 documents we have obtained by using industrial products appropriately can be said to symbolize how environmentally conscious our company is as a consumer. Within scope of the FSC COC certificate, we made a commitment to planting plenty of trees in return for the raw material we use for wood products. We assured quality in the products and after-sales services we provide by obtaining a ISO 9001 certificate, TSE HYB (service adequacy) document and a certificate of warranty to raise the quality standards of our work. We also obtained a CE Certificate in order to raise our production standards to the level of CE standards. And since we care about the satisfaction of our customers as well, we finalized our efforts for quality by receiving the 10002 Customer Satisfaction Certificate.

Esteemed Readers;,
Once again, the new issue of Purple White contains many interesting topics for you. For this issue of our magazine, we paid a visit to Mehmet Okur, who represents our national pride as a phenomenal basketball player. We will be sharing the pleasant chat we had with Okur here.

Hope to greet you again with our upcoming issue, which also will be full of exciting articles, in July.