Purple White

Retail Trade & Arts / Culture Magazine

Esteemed Friends,
In October, we greet you with the fifth issue.

We are maintaining our business in variety of furniture decoration and applications at MOBSIZE established in 2011 and target to present art as integrated into our areas of application. With this vision, we have escalated our number of companies that we work with to 131 as of October 2014.

By following the ever changing and developing design trends throughout the world, we evaluate various templates and bring new perspectives to them. Thus, we aim to find a cohesive ambiance in the spaces and unify our customers with our areas of application by elaborating the sense of architectural design in line with your demands.

To achieve the most effective – the optimum – we are empathizing by combining our experience with the inspiration we get from you by means of the architectural pleasures such as color, function and aesthetics and we are drawn closer to you in the processes of manufacturing and serving. Optimum project design and application is a process of accurate and precise material selection that leaves no room for unwelcome surprises, manufacturing projects, implementation, quality control and on-time delivery. We know that an error in one of these links of organization can ruin the integrity of the whole project.

We care about being recommended and pay the greatest attention to our business with regard to customer satisfaction by taking the needs and requirements of our business partners. We are advancing confidently in the sector and securing our position in the market thanks to the projects and businesses we have already carried out with the prominent architecture offices and firms in the sector of manufacturing and decoration. Dear Readers, We have strived to compile interesting subjects for the fifth issue of Purple White in compliance with innovative business approach of MOBSIZE. In this issue, we visited Sevan Bıçakçı, also known as “The Lord of the Rings”, whose rings received world-wide appreciation and reputation and her designs are worn by many people from Hollywood stars to royalties. Apart from this, we are taking a look at how the games we are addicted to have been invented. We are taking a look at astrology from another perspective with mystic old Turkish horoscopes. Hope to meet you again in our January issue. and stage actor Rana Cabbar who knows no bounds when it comes to the art of theater. We will share our enjoyable, friendly and pleasant chat with the actor in the article we prepared. Additionally, we will also take you on a journey through time with our Joy of Traveling section and bring an old letter from Greece to light. We will also provide tips for decoration in compatibility with one’s astrological sign.

Hope to see you in our October issue with new topics of interest.