Purple White

Retail Trade & Arts / Culture Magazine

Esteemed Friends,

Firstly, I greet you with the joy of introducing the first issue of Purple White to you. This magazine you are reading was prepared by the MOBSIZE family with excitement that is hard to describe. Our biggest aim in issuing the magazine was to give you, our friends, news of the retailing sector, provide articles on culture and art which will entertain you and most importantly, share the pleasing aspects of life with you.

As MOBSIZE, we currently offer innovative, aesthetical, functional and ergonomic solutions in the retailing sector by means of the 45 year old experience we acquired as a family business. We serve you by giving decorative forms to raw material for offices, hotels, residences and most significantly, shops. In our vast, 9600 m2 factory equipped with the latest technologies, we work with a professional staff of 105 employees and create solutions through our fast, innovative and flexible service mentality. At the same time, we are the “Young and Professional” company of the decoration sector due to our ISO 14001:2004 – OHSAS 18001:2007 – TS ISO 10002:2004 – ISO 9001:2008 certificates of quality and suppliers who provide us with all kinds of materials from upholsteries to accessories. Thanks to our 56.000 m2 shop, we have already put our signature on the products of 88 brands.

Esteemed Friends,
In the first issue of Purple White, Mustafa Taviloğlu, the founder of MUDO, received us for a friendly interview. As a doyen of the sector, Mr. Mustafa candidly answered our questions. As the MOBSIZE family, we plan to greet you quarterly via our magazine, Purple White.

We wish you a happy reading.

Atilla Bıçakcı
MOBSIZE Managing Partner / General Director